Fit Mommy: The Biggest Pregnancy Myth EXPOSED

Lecture 2: The Biggest Pregnancy Myth EXPOSED

Hello and welcome back to Fit Mommy.
In the introductory lecture, I briefly mentioned the epidemic of misinformation regarding what makes for a healthy pregnancy. I first encountered this problem while trying to aid my sister who was expecting her first child. The customized diet and exercise plan I had created for her was met with both confusion and uneasiness. She was confused because she had held the belief that any exercise at all would be harmful for baby; she was uneasy because consistent exercise and dieting would go against this belief and it scared her. Should a novice to the gym, like my sister, begin an exercise program, while expecting her firstborn? She didn’t know which was true in this crucial time of development for her soon-to-be child.
She’s not alone. Many pregnant women believe that prenatal exercise can cause harm. Popular opinion that urges women to cut down or even worse, avoid exercise entirely while pregnant and an expecting mother should rest as much as humanly possible for those nine months. This is the biggest myth pertaining to pregnancy. Although this sounds like conventional wisdom, it’s actually an old wives’ tale. We now know this is wrong and that the negative reputation on prenatal exercise is unwarranted.
You don’t want to miss out on the numerous benefits it can offer you and your baby. I’ve taken it upon myself to make known, many of the benefits backed by research that a fit pregnancy can offer you. And, how to get reap those benefits safely and effectively.
This is purpose of Fit Mommy.
With that being said, all the content I present to you in this course is for informational purposes only and shouldn’t be taken to be a specific diagnosis. Individual treatment should be dependent on the individual’s situation so the first thing you want to do is CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR. Please follow their orders and recommendations. Your case is unique and your healthcare provider offers a more personalized assessment of your pregnancy. Always seek the direct advice of your personal physician when you have any questions or issues with your health. They are an invaluable asset and the more knowledgeable people you have helping you along, the better.
Please understand that exercise for most pregnant women, when done safely of course, bursts with benefits for both mother and child. According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, most women can safely do at least twenty to thirty minutes of moderate exercise on most or all days of the week.
But keep in mind that some women can perform exercises in their third trimester that some women can’t in their first. Everyone is different and this is fine and totally normal. This course aims to cater to pregnant women in the broadest sense and help as many expecting mothers all over the world. I’ve designed it to be factual, clear, concise yet comprehensive, and applicable to most pregnant women wanting to be fit mommies.
The next lecture delves into the many benefits of prenatal exercise.
Hope you enjoy.