Full body resistance band suit (Mass Suit)
Full body resistance band suit (Mass Suit)

Full body resistance band suit (Mass Suit)

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Full Body Resistance Band Suit

Full body resistance bands also know as mass suits are the perfect way to increase your bodies overall natural strength. 


mass suit


INCREASE YOUR WORKOUT EFFICIENCY BY 85%with a full body resistance band suit. Experience the difference in your training regime right away. 

  • Increase explosiveness 
  • Engage all muscle groups simultaneously 
  • Increase stamina and endurance
  • Increase Speed, Agility & Power 
  • Enhance fast twitch muscles with constant resistance 
  • Train with optimal efficiency 
  • Increase power
  • Increase Muscle 
  • Increase Fat loss
  • Increase Mobility strength  

full body resistance band suit



 full body resistance band suit



Detail Specifications:
- Soft latex material for comfort, easy and safety use.
- The buckle can increase more elastic ropes to strengthen resistance.
- Explosive power as you take your physical skill to the next level.
- It is very usefull to get fit, lose weight, gain muscle, get stronger and achieve your fitness goals.
- Can use a wide range of personal exercises to enhance leg, back, chest, shoulder and core strength.
- Adjustable waist strap great for waistline 28.7" to 41.7", adjustable ankle strap fits for most person.
- To enhance the leg strength of any squat action or participate in any movement to promote jumping, speed and strength, build strength
- Playing a very positive training role in training, such as boxing, fencing, basketball, soccer, tennis, track and field sports training.

Material: High Quality Natural Latex.
Tension range:150 lbs.
Product weight: 1.87 lbs/ 850g

Package Included:
2 x Leg resistance ropes.
2 x Arm resistance ropes.
2 x Adjustable ankle straps.
2 x Wrist straps.
1 x Adjustable waistband.